The Program

So, you really think you got what it takes to become an anthropologist?

Let’s see what the executive floor has to say about our program:

This Master’s Programme transfers knowledge of the theories and current research issues of Social Anthropology, to be applied and further developed in the course of an empirical research project. […] The Master’s Programme favours conducting an empirical, self-organized in Germany or abroad. […] Research may be a field study (employing standard techniques such as participant observation, interviews, audio-visual recording) or museum or archival research. International agreements concluded by Münster University faciliate such researches in various European and non-European countries.

Still interested? Wait what.. really?! Okay, here’s some more additional information for you:

Our curriculum is structured as follows: Curriculum MA Münster

If you don’t have a background in anthropology but really want to get into it, the professors will advise you to get in touch with some of the fundamental basics. Here’s a list of literature recommended by them: MA additional requirements – Reading list