About us


W- Whe- Where am I?

This is the official blog of the student council of ‘Social Anthropology’ at the University of Münster.

Okay! And what are you doing?

Our job is to make sure that you are happy during your studies here in Münster. We are the ones taking care of the students’ needs. We negotiate with the professors, the staff, the ASTA and are not afraid to get a bleeding nose or lose some teeth – We are there for YOU!

Golly, that sounds amazing! But wait a minute… How can I get in touch with you guys?

Just email us or post something on our Facebook page, the contact info is in the sidebar. But you can also be sure to meet us almost everyday at the institute.

Wow, great news! What if I want to be part of the council? It really sounds like an awesome job!

If you would also like to get your hands dirty, don’t be shy… Just ask us! The more the merrier ❤