Ethnographic Fieldschool in Indonesia: 23rd of June – 1st of August

People! The Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta offers students of anthropology from the University of Heidelberg and Münster the chance to partake in a special training course. This is the second run and it will be focussed on “Human-Environment Relations and Religious Life in an Indonesian Palm Oil Area”. Participants will first be partaking in a preparatory seminar at GMU in Yogya and then be heading to West Kalimantan (some of you might know it as Borneo) to practice what they’ve learned. Find attached a pdf-file with some additional information. If you’re interested please contact Dr. Schneider asap (the deadline for contacting her  is the 31st of January). The costs for this trip will be around 2000€.

Fieldschool Kalimantan