Election Week for all Students of Münster University


this week, 25th until 29th of November, is the Election Week of Münster University.

How can you vote?

All over the University’s ground there will be 30 locations with voting boxes. The most important institutions will have one as well, e.g. ULB, Mensa and cafeterias (Aasee, Coesfelder-Kreuz and others). Bring your students-ID and you will receive the election documents which you can fill out and hand them back in. Election helper and an English instruction sheet can guide you, if needed.

Who are you voting for?

First of all and most important: Vote for your representatives in your Students Council (FSV).


  • You can vote for one person only on this election list
  • This person will then form and announce the president and members of your students council
  • The students council represents you and your interests, organizes events and deals with university issues

Second: Vote for your representatives in the Students Council of International Students (ASV).

  • For international students only (non-German citizens)
  • You can vote for only one person on the list
  • The ASV deals with issues concerning international students and studying abroad

Third: Vote for your representatives in the Student Parliament (StuPa).

  • You can vote for one person only in this list
  • The person elected can then vote for the StuPa president
  • Do not get confuses, the candidates are listed by themes
  • The StuPa deals with finances, politics, and university events