“The Place of Long Term Anthropological Fieldresearch for the Project of ‘Global Health’ “: 15.-17.11., Sankt Augustin

Something huge is coming up. Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to partake in a real anthropological conference? Well, your wish is about to come true. I’m not lying!

From November 15 until 17 there will be a conference on Medical Anthropology in Sankt Augustin (right next to Bonn). Our lecturer Annika Strauss will be part of the panel discussion and we thought she might need a little support from her team mates! If you are interested in going to Sankt Augustin, we have already reserved some beds at the Max Hostel in Bonn. One night per person (breakfast included) will be 27,50€. These expenses can maybe be refunded by the institute.

If you now think “Golly, let’s go!” please sign up with your billing address at events.masa@gmail.com. This also goes for Ms. Strauss’ students who have already signed her list. We need to know who’s coming. You can find a schedule of the conference, as usual, in the “Dates”-section in pdf format.